Paros 3-day Itinerary – Best things to see and do

  • 12.02.2023 23:40
  • Bruno Arcos

Best things to see and do in Paros in 3 days. Discover the island’s most famous landmarks and tourist hotspots – like Parikia, Lefkes or Antiparos – in our Paros 3-day itinerary!

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This Paros 3-day itinerary is a part of our broader Cyclades Islands travel guide. We recommend you check it out for the best travel tips and the most accurate information about the archipelago, regarding transportation, hotels and restaurants for the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Milos.

Paros 3-Day Itinerary – What to see and do in 72 hours

Though often times overlooked in favor of the likes of Mykonos or Santorini, the most popular islands in the Cyclades certainly got nothing on Paros when it comes to beaches, things to do and overall tourist appeal. Full of small whitewashed villages, ages-old monasteries peeking through grassy, rolling hills and pristine beaches with golden stretches of sand, Paros is the perfect picturesque setting for your next city-break!

If you’re on your way to Greece and looking for what to see and do in Paros in 3 days, we leave you with a detailed Paros 3-day itinerary, complete with all the tourist landmarks and points of interest you don’t want to miss.

Paros 3-Day Itinerary – Day 1: The Capital Parikia and the Village of Lefkes

In order to start off your adventure in Paros with the right foot, there’s nothing better than basking in the sun at the Marcello Beach, widely considered one of the very best in the island. Just a 45-minute walk away from Parikia, Paros’ main city, it stands as the perfect postcard picture to a destination which has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

While exploring the capital’s city center, you’ll walk through the picturesque and maze-like streets of its historical core, visiting the Parikia Castle and the Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church. The latter is considered an historical byzantine church, as well as one of the most important religious complexes in the entire Cyclades. As for the castle, it’s just yet another example of a local construction built in marble. After all, Paros used to be famous for its marble quarries, whose raw material was shipped across the region to build all kinds of monuments. How ancient is this fame, exactly? Well, let’s just say several sections of the Acropolis in Athens were actually built with marble from Paros!

After lunch, and for a more relaxed pace, you’ll be visiting the Village of Lefkes. Located inland, far away from the crowded coastal areas, time seems to have stood still in Lefkes. The streets are still silent and ancient-looking, and there’s just an overall feeling of tranquility, as if no one is on a rush to do anything. While you’re at it, visit the Agia Triada Church and walk along the fabulous Byzantine Road. This 3.5km path, created over 1000 years ago, still connects the towns of Lefkes and Prodromos, with plenty of dramatic, awe-inspiring views along the way!

First day wrap-up:

  • Marcello Beach
  • Parikia
  • Parikia Castle
  • Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church
  • Village of Lefkes
  • Agia Triada Church
  • Byzantine Road

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Paros 3-Day Itinerary – Day 2: Port Naoussa and Paros Park

For your second day in Paros, the morning will be spent in the small town of Naoussa, a village famous for its Old Port. Besides the picturesque image of the docked boats against the whitewashed façades of the buildings behind them, the port is also home to the Agios Nikolaos Chapel and the Venetian Fortress of Paros, one of the main buildings – today left in ruins – from a time when the Republic of Venice used to control the island.

A few kilometers away, you’ll find the perfect spot to chill and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea, as the Kolympethres Beach stands out as one of the most visited in Paros. To end the day on a high note, it’s time to explore what is perhaps the greatest tourist attraction in the island: the Paros Park. Occupying an entire peninsula, this nature reserve provides a small sample of all the amazing things visitors can do in Paros. Along the park, one can find pristine beaches, fantastic trails, historic monasteries and even an archeologic amphitheater. You can spend an entire afternoon here, and still leave feeling like so much was left undone.

Second day wrap-up:

  • Naoussa
  • Old Port of Naoussa
  • Agios Nikolaos Chapel
  • Venetian Fortress of Paros
  • Kolympethres Beach
  • Paros Park

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Paros 3-Day Itinerary – Day 3: Day Trip to Antiparos

So that you can go out of Paros with a bang, head towards the Port of Pounda (or Pounta) and hop on a ferry to the neighboring island of Antiparos. Although it’s not possible to book your ticket in advance, ferries leave very frequently, especially during the Summer, when there are up to 40 daily connections, from 06h30 to 01h30. The trip takes around 30 minutes and tickets range between 3€ and 5€ one-way.

Once you arrive in Antiparos, you’ll have the entire day to explore the island at a relaxed pace and understand why celebrities such as Tom Hanks choose to come here every single Summer. Start by visiting Chora, the island’s main historic quarter, as well as what’s left from the Castle of Antiparos, which nowadays pretty much blends in with the rest of the town. To freshen up, nothing better than taking the proverbial plunge at the Sifneikos Beach, arguably the most beautiful in the island, located on a natural bay.

Finally, and before returning to the main island, take at least an hour to explore the formidable Cave of Antiparos (6€), an intricate underground system formed many million years ago, filled to the brim with stalactites and stalagmites almost as old as time itself.

Third day wrap-up:

  • Antiparos
  • Chora
  • Castle of Antiparos
  • Sifneikos Beach
  • Cave of Antiparos

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