Cheap flights from Dublin to Denmark from €27

  • 24.05.2024 09:34
  • Eugene
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A trip to beautiful Denmark at a bargain price! Book cheap flights from Dublin to Copenhagen and Billund starting at only €27 for a round trip.

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Visit Denmark, a picturesque country nestled in the heart of Scandinavia, where fairy-tale castles, vibrant cities, and stunning natural landscapes await travelers seeking a unique European experience. From the colorful streets of Copenhagen to the serene shores of the Danish countryside, Denmark offers a wealth of attractions and experiences that captivate visitors year-round. Join us as we explore the highlights of Denmark and discover why it’s a must-visit destination for travelers seeking culture, history, and charm.
Copenhagen: A Capital of Culture and Creativity
Begin your journey in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city and a vibrant hub of culture, creativity, and innovation. Explore the charming streets of the historic city center, where centuries-old buildings, picturesque canals, and cobblestone alleyways create a storybook setting straight out of a fairy tale. Visit iconic landmarks such as the colorful Nyhavn waterfront, the majestic Amalienborg Palace, and the world-famous Little Mermaid statue, and immerse yourself in Copenhagen’s rich history and architectural splendor.
Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey
Indulge your taste buds with a culinary journey through Denmark’s vibrant food scene, where fresh ingredients, innovative techniques, and traditional flavors come together to create unforgettable dining experiences. Sample Danish classics such as smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches), æbleskiver (traditional pancakes), and hearty stews at local eateries, cafes, and markets, or treat yourself to a gourmet meal at one of Copenhagen’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Don’t miss the chance to explore Copenhagen’s vibrant food markets, such as Torvehallerne and Paper Island, where you can taste your way through a variety of local delicacies, artisanal products, and international cuisines.
Royal Residences: Exploring Denmark’s Historic Castles
Step back in time and discover Denmark’s rich royal heritage with a visit to the country’s stunning castles and palaces. Explore the opulent rooms and lush gardens of Frederiksborg Castle, often referred to as the “Versailles of the North,” and marvel at its impressive Renaissance architecture and art collections. Visit the fairy-tale castle of Kronborg, immortalized as Elsinore in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and explore its medieval ramparts, underground passages, and royal chambers. Discover the romantic charm of Rosenborg Castle, home to the Danish crown jewels, and stroll through its beautiful gardens and royal treasury.
Natural Beauty: Exploring Denmark’s Scenic Landscapes
Escape the city and explore Denmark’s scenic countryside, where rolling hills, tranquil lakes, and picturesque coastlines offer opportunities for outdoor adventures and relaxation. Take a leisurely bike ride along Denmark’s extensive network of cycling paths, explore the pristine beaches and dunes of the North Sea coast, or discover the enchanting beauty of Denmark’s islands, such as Bornholm and Ærø. Experience the magic of Denmark’s forests and woodlands, where ancient oaks, beech trees, and wildlife sanctuaries provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Travel dates:
June – July 2024

Dublin – Billund – Dublin
Dublin – Copenhagen – Dublin

Baggage allowance:
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