New Airbnb listing offers guests the chance to stay in Shrek’s Swamp for free!

  • 28.09.2023 18:15
  • Bruno Arcos

Following their recent success with the Barbie Malibu DreamHouse, the platform is now inviting movie enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the whimsical world of DreamWorks’ beloved green ogre, Shrek.

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Located in the enchanting Scottish Highlands, this extraordinary Airbnb listing faithfully recreates the fantastical setting of “Shrek”. Inspired by the 2001 hit animated film, the listing describes the property as a “mud-laden, moss-covered, murky-watered oasis”, where the interior features oversized furniture and roots that grow down through the ceiling, ensuring a truly immersive experience. Just like in the film, the bathroom facilities are located outside (about 20 meters away from the sleeping cabin), complete with a toilet, sink and shower facilities, mirroring Shrek’s rustic lifestyle.

This extraordinary experience is available for a free two-night stay from October 27 to October 29, with bookings opening on October 13 at 18h00. You just have to make a booking request, include a personal message with the information about the people you’d be traveling with and cross your fingers – maybe you’ll end up being be the chosen!

It’s worth mentioning the property can accommodate up to three guests, although children must be at least 5 years old to join in on the adventure. Plus, guests who secure a booking will be responsible for arranging their travel to and from Scotland.

Beyond the magical experience, Airbnb will also make a one-time donation to the HopScotch Children’s Charity, which supports vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Scotland by providing holiday experiences and travel perks. That baing said, don’t miss your chance to experience Shrek’s Swamp in all its glory. Bookings for this enchanting Airbnb listing are set to open soon, and you can try to secure your stay by visiting this link.

More than just a vacation, this stay provides a journey into a beloved fairy tale, granting guests a chance to create great memories while supporting a worthy cause. Get ready to live like Shrek and create your own happily ever after in the heart of the Scottish Highlands!

Image Credits: Airbnb

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